Hojo Undo Uechi-Ryu

Hojo Undo are exercises that carry the fundamentals of Uechi- Ryu, the blocks, punches, kicks and the techniques within Hojo Undo are used in katas and kumites in this style.

Because of this Hojo Undo is a very important exercise which is practicedhojo undo every week with both juniors and seniors from white belt. Once you get the techniques working for you, this will show in your katas and kumities.


Hojo Undo Exercises  Japanese – English

1.   Shomen geri (circular blocks, front kicks)
2.   Sokuto geri (circular blocks, side kicks)
3.   Mawashi tsuki (circular blocks, hook punch)
4.   Seiken tsuki (closed fist, block and punch)
5.   Hiji tsuki (elbow strikes in cats paw)
6.   Hajiki uke hiraken tsuki (back block, half-fist punch in cats paw)
7.   Wauke shuto uraken shoken tsuki (back block, chop, backfist, one-knuckle punch)
8.   Tenshin zensoku geri (turn, rear circular block, kick lead)
9.   Tenshin kosoku geri (turn, rear circular block, kick rear)
10. Tenshin shoken tsuki (turn, rear circular block, one-knuckle punch)
11. Shomen hajiki (finger blocks and strikes)
12. Koi no shippo tate uchi (four-direction wrist blocks)
13. Koi no shippo yoko uchi (fish tail wrist blocks)